Great !!!

if its right it will going right, no matter what !!! is not a fairy tale.


What a dAy !!! WooHoo

hey sista... hahaha..i love her...eeerrrggghhh....

after the Hectic routine we decided to go SHOPPING !!! i take this pic when my sista's friend fitting some lovely they are... cute...

oops...sorry its just me !

we are craving for pancake n tonseng... where's da fuuddd.....???

Light Hollaa...



THE ALASTAIR is a band from south Jakarta INDONESIA. Reuben Elishama ( vocal/rhythm guitar) and Alva Polii (lead guitarist/backing vocal) bassist Deyna Parzada and (Drummer) Aria Wijaksana, Whatta smart n funtastic music, Check'em !!!

Happy New Year 2010 !!!

HAPPY NU YEAR 2010 !!! so glad 2009 already gone..., 2009 its like SUCKS !!! wishing this year and on will be fantastic adventure for me and for all of us people. May 2010 be the year where all mine and your Dreams come true, Happy New Year 2010 -xoxo flutterby-


Tortured Soul, Arrested Development & Musiq Soulchild

who's the cute guy over there? wanna know?

Rata Tengah is...Jason Kriv

Aha Jason Kriv !!! i heart this guy too much... like Pamela said He is Totally HOT !!! Thanks you Pamela for making this so special ... hhyyyaahh....

j. christian Urich

Ethan White
Tortured Soul " Fall in Love" believe it or not we watch the concert TWICE!!! yeah How much we love to fall in love with Too Much in LOVE....

Honeymoon Days with "Arrested Development"

Taalib Johnson "MusiQ Soulchild" Am in love with his perform here ... wwoohh...if you leave is one of our fav song !

JavaSoulNation Boo..Yaaa...!!!

Not update but this still much of fun i thought, Euphoria... for this event...yyyeewhhhaaww... and Thanks before for ma creative girl PAMELA LIMA how much i love her creation the answer is...TOO MUCH.. !!! wish i could be like her the Funniest Designer Ever.. hahaha...

Pamela, Nady, Monika, Me and Nez its time to "Musiq Soulchild !!!"

its Pamela, Kemal and ma beloved Nene Agnez its fun to be with ... thanks ma dearlos ...

we wait for the next fun fun fun yyeeayy!!! "Lets Honeymoon Days" Together beibih ...


when he wants to

i just like the collar with tag line like that, its fun !just see http://www.thecoolhunter

ouch its Cute...!!!

Jean Paul Gaultier Kids, i tawt its a cute wearable outfit for tinny fashionista love it too much ...must see


Leats do Eat !!!

at Pepenero , Menara Karya Kuningan Jakarta thats a lovely place to go with ma friends ... love the ambiance, hey..the chef is cool and the taste also good...hahaha...

Beer Dear...

at Pastis , kuningan jakarta, cozy place, comfortable n the beer is so hhuumm...(hahaha..)
i know A*d**y missing our "Beer Time Dear"...aarrgghhyyyaakkhh...!!! c'mon girls ..lets do this again!!! ahahhahhh....

when a Girl tell her secret ..ssttt...

Deary me, i just wanna share this for my girl, why world is so cruel and fantastic also, why world is so mean and fun...missing time for Gossip Girl.. -XOXO-


Eat Pray Love

i Just found this lovely book at Times so proud BALI, Indonesia can be part of the biggest things


something u have to remember

when you expect too much you will hurt so much


yiipie yeayy... so happy to have a good time and have fun with girls @ PASAR BAROE, go shopping !!!



what a day.... what a day??? its so nine !!! love it ! i love 9 !!! so for you all HAPPY 090909 Days ...its once in a make your day special ...wwooohhooo...


After dinner

top: heritage F21
cardigan: G2000
necklace: my original creation (yiippiiee!!!)
legging: Pull & Bear
shoes: Milka (ITC kuningan)

WOOOPPAA!!! i't me wearing my nu creation tweets stick necklace hehehe... it was fun (hahaha..) i love it ssmmoocchh !!!

tweets idea project

Boring Saturday... so yesterday i made a stick necklace inspiring by guliliw because she has a cute necklace so i try to make 1 for fun, my original creation and its cute ( i thought hahaha..) so..this is it...the tweets stick project ! enjoy..hehehe


Sexy Black

Shoes : ALDO


Keep This Words (III)

i will make this glass full of quotes and i will show you if already done all hahaha... =)