Not Moving !

i don't know who..but I'm still waiting... ( I hate this word actually ) hahahaha...

My First Prewed Photograph

what a wonderful couple...Love them smooch !!!! wish it will be now and forever love,There is some love that will not go away


Paint Me !!!

Me with way of life..hohoho!!!

@FODISM abis jd model dan photographer AMATIRAN ternyata cape juga sampe2 ngantuk gini muka nya...nnggrrookkk pppffiiiuuhhh...zzzz....oops !!!
wow... masih ada yah KOTAK POS jaman sekarang? masih bertanya-tanya niyh masih ada ga orang yang mau ngisi kotak pos ini dengan surat penting ? surat cinta pribadi misalnya...hehehe atau surat mutusin pacar...atau malah surat lamaran kerja jadi TKI di Jepang (berhub deket kedutaan Jepang..) hehehe..
Didepan Kedutaan Jepang sibuk narxis, sementara sahabat nya sedang sibuk foto PreWed, seru banget bisa jalan2 sore sambil foto2... yah klo ky gini urat malu nya harus ga dipake deh...soalnya semua org pasti bakal ngeliatin..(ini orang kok PeDe banget...apa lg shooting Reality Show yah?) ya kira2 mungkin itu yang ada dipikiran mereka..halah !!! hahaha...

Miyusebille Project


The Journey

hhhoooaammm... i'm just so Tired...pppfff


i wanna sleep... but my friend ask me to go no..we plan to hang out together this nite...yaey!!! Rock on bebih..!!!


Bbrrrmm.... watch out !!!...AAAARRRRGGGHHH....!!!! o my God... careful please....

meal deal @ Bali

with my beloved girl, so happy we can spend time together at Bali....yyeeayyy!!!!!!

ok fellas this before the accident hahaha...kinda fun thing came rite after our dinner we r just so sleepy lazy but have to had some fun ... hahaha...


Doll Hole

i wanna live cute...

*Trial Project*

Trial for my next project with ProPhotographer call BaldyG (hehehe..cannot tell his name), i always wait for his next Project Master...

@PASTIS... EAT again and again...hehehe..its belong to my beloved girlfriend GULALI... gosh... she already married... OK, who's next?

The girls I have

Bout 2 years the Cafe...(see..) we are the real EATER ...not Man Eater of course..hahaha...
so damn cute we are.. (*o*)

with my Girls last year What a beautiful nite...
hang out with mi bellas is my cure from Hectic world
jjyyhhaahahaha....Rock On bebih ... !!!


Her name is Miyusebille... i call her My fascinategirl
i spend a lot of tick tock with her n my gurls also, i love my bellas smoch!!
back again she travel a lot, click time a lot, work hard not for play hard hahaha..
(it is true? NOT!!!) , cookie time and meal deal a lot...cause we r The EATER smoch...ooppss..!!!



Just shoot ! @Magenta

Well this my first trial for Photograph not bad i though hahaha...hhhuumm let's try again..

My First Trial

Cause im so into Quotes then i mix with my Photograp trial Enjoy! "Time you enjoy wasting,was not wasted -John Lennon-"

Keep This Word

Now i have new one hhuuahahaha...

"You got what You DESERVED"

its from my fav Band My Chemical Romance its cool rite?!

Sick, Unwell.... for 1 week just at home nothing to do pppfff...just browsing with my BlueBlackBerry , Bored!!!Anyway I do love Fashion smoch! my inspiration is from fashion people like hahaha.., GARANCEDORE, Karl (who?),Jane..(i love her blog Sea of Shoes)..and many more...hahaha I'm not a best writer though bout i just want to tell bout my passion of fashion and photography thing...ppfff...