Sexy Black

Shoes : ALDO


Keep This Words (III)

i will make this glass full of quotes and i will show you if already done all hahaha... =)


its not fit uwh...i have to take a break from my bizy day at the office.....hahaha...ok..coffe time...n play with my playground team


Gud Evening ...

moi self , what im doing is just aaarrgghhh!!!

long sleeve : Gaudi
dress jeans : ITC mangga2
shoes : Gaudi flats blue

he is graphic designer with simply thing

shoes : Zara Man
poloshirt : heritage 1981 (F21)
Jeans : Delay-petersaysdenim



ok !!! Johnny Deep Why should i so into him? no answer.. i just like this mysterious guy with any weird character and he is so handsome also i though hahaha, aarrrgghh i cant wait any longer for Alice in the wonderland btw im so in love with his charachter in Pirates of carribean so funny, natural its so him !!!

then James Dean, owh gosh...i love his eyes with no smile its so sexy... i wish i could meet him...but imposible rite now of course...pppff...


Comme Des Enfants

with cute mochi ... hhhmm...mochi mochi mochi mi....stop that flying word..Oh NO i want mochi ssmmoocchhh!!!!


Nite before...

wow its cool... i can see clearly Jakarta light at nite ... so nice love it !!!

Keep This Words (II)

"Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget." because..."I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light."
-Helen Keller-

Now i'd love to tell something bout what friend are for... i'm not pro with this but at least i know how it means to me...
"A good friend can tell you what is the matter with you in a minute. He may not seem such a good friend after telling. "
-Arthur Brisbane-

Scrap Project

i decided to make my creative idea to be real, i wanna make scrapbook for newlywed its took a long long time to decided because i don't know how make the good scrap so first its browsing and bought some cute stationary hahaha... just for motived me to make the crazy scrapbook woohoo lets the project begin...cut cut cut then prepare the photos the love words the love quotes (because i love quotes hehehe..) pppfff...the project is not finish yet. but i'll show you later if the project is done OK!

Full of the joy of life !

so HAPPY being Me!!! at my birthday i get a wonderful surprise owh... everyone its so sweet ... and i make a simply wish "God i wish the next year will be better than years a go...amien!" Another year has come and gone and i have lots of birthday fun! my day is filled with joy!!! Ok! May my birthday wishes all come true...and have Wonderful gifts and goodies, too. (hahaha..)



im such a PASTAHOLIC esp Fettuccine with mushroom uuuwwwhhh love it love it love it!!! but i miss SUSHI also...

Brown eyes nose lip it's me !!!

When Skirt is too short

ow'owh owh...we wearing skirt huhuhu looks different but its cute i though..., Tulip skirt is my new skirt i wanna wear it again this weekend yeah!!! oh forgot the boots its my nu thing also its cute n cheap..i love it...